Our abrasives are made from the finest quality materials, using the most advanced manufacturing processes in the industry, they offer a comprehensive range of cutting, grinding, blending, sanding and cleaning abrasives.

They are suitable for use with a variety of tools such as grinders, circular saws and chop saws, ensuring that you have the right abrasive for any project.

Cutoff Wheels

Our metal cutoff wheels feature a thin, sturdy design made of industrial-grade aluminum oxide with 2 layers of mesh for fast, precise & vibration-free cutting, while minimizing material loss for cleaner, more precise cuts.

Flap Discs

Linconson's flap wheels are a versatile choice for achieving a smooth and consistent finish on various surfaces, while also removing burrs.

Sanding Discs

5 inch hook & loop orbital sanding discs are especially designed for woodworking and metalworking applications, featuring the best-in-class dust extraction.

Metal Grinding Wheel

Professionals in the metal fabrication and finishing industry trust us for their grinding needs. Our durable grinding wheel can handle a variety of tasks, from quickly removing welds to smoothing metal surfaces.

BULK Pricing Available


*View each product for information on bulk pricing options.

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