Pallet Trucks & Forklifts

Pallet trucks are indispensable tools that empower workers to move and transport heavy pallets for efficient warehouse operations.

They streamline tasks such as loading/unloading trucks, organizing materials and rearranging inventory.Essential equipment for optimizing warehouse logistics and ensuring a smooth productive workflow.

Manual Pallet Trucks

Pallet jacks are easy to operate, requiring minimal training for warehouse staff. This simplicity ensures quick integration into daily warehouse operations.

Pallet Trucks are generally more cost-effective compared to powered alternatives, making them a practical choice for warehouses with budget constraints.

Electric Pallet Trucks

Essential for modern warehouses, offering effortless pallet movement, reducing manual labor, optimizing long-distance transport, handling heavy loads, and enhancing precision controls.

They boost productivity and promote sustainability, making it a valuable investment for warehouses aiming to optimize operations and lower costs.


In the fast-paced world of warehouse logistics, forklifts are the ultimate solution.

Whether you need to transport heavy pallets, stack inventory vertically, or load/unload goods, with Linconson’s forklifts, businesses can ensure timely deliveries, reduce labor costs, and minimize workplace injuries from manual lifting.

Electric Pallet Stackers

Electric pallet stackers are versatile tools for warehouse management. These machines have the ability to lift loads to different heights, making them ideal for stacking pallets in storage racks or transporting them within a warehouse.

With their compact design, they can navigate tight spaces efficiently, making them essential for maximizing warehouse storage.

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